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TheYaszMan 1/29/2015 9:00 PM
be on in 5-10 min
lodger5 1/29/2015 5:21 PM
Happy Bday Kloss.
TheYaszMan 1/29/2015 4:59 PM
Stupid birthdays, grumble, grumble...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLOSS!
KRocks 1/29/2015 4:39 PM
I will most likely miss tonight, so feel free to fill my spot for whatever
TheYaszMan 1/29/2015 4:02 PM
maybe we can do multiple shroud runs of part 1 as suggested last week...
lodger5 1/29/2015 12:33 PM
Hoping we can do a shroud run tonight. I'm 1 supreme shard away.....
FL_Nightfire 1/29/2015 12:34 AM
Yes as far as I know there is no favor increase for elite epic over heroic elite.
Sosrey 1/28/2015 11:15 PM
thanks for the run, so much xp!
Sosrey 1/28/2015 11:15 PM
elite heroic = elite epic favor correct?
FL_Nightfire 1/28/2015 9:47 PM
where did u guys go? both Kat and Thau logged in and then back out without saying a word :(
KRocks 1/28/2015 9:42 PM
wish i could, i just got home...will log in to do daily dice an take off
Sosrey 1/28/2015 6:17 PM
gonna get that sweet sweet what goes up epic xp tonight if anyone is interested, maybe 9 or 10ish?
pnellesen 1/27/2015 8:40 PM
might be a few minutes late tonight, but will be on
Sosrey 1/27/2015 1:48 PM
14 hour timelaps of boston
pnellesen 1/27/2015 12:54 PM
Hope everything's good, Sos and anyone else on the upper East Coast. Looks pretty nasty north of NYC
Atremus 1/26/2015 10:13 PM
That was awesome tonight everyone! Our first EE Wheloon! Brings a tear to my eye
Sosrey 1/26/2015 4:44 PM
Oh and wife has to do 48 hours at the hospital. My eyeballs night fall out.
TheYaszMan 1/26/2015 4:42 PM
anybody around to run 13-15ish?
Atremus 1/26/2015 4:26 PM
Now I want some Chilli
TheYaszMan 1/26/2015 3:13 PM
thanks...looks like we're going to just miss the brunt of they're saying only 8-16" for us
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Forgotten League Welcome / DDO Info

Atremus, Jun 8, 13 10:06 AM.
Welcome to the Forgotten League website.  We are a casual guild on Orien.  We are a social bunch, but voice chat is not required.  We enjoy questing with fellow guild mates and trying to help where we can, be it farming, pulls, or simply chatting about bad builds and awesome near wipes.  We also enjoy the basic raids like Shroud, Demon Queen, CITW and Fall of Truth when there are enough people on to run [hardly ever anymore].  We also run TR groups and enjoy poking fun at Barbarians.  There is no activity requirement, just log in and play.  Our only requirement is that you are friendly to your fellow players and try to avoid causing drama.  All Drama will be dealt with via Potions of Wonder.

Happy Hunting and may you not roll any 4's (on your raid loot)

Upcoming DDO stuff:

Update 23, Epic Orchard and new raid
Update 24: Xoriat Quests (3 of them Level 16/26) and Tyranny of Dragons Intro
Update 25: Temple of Elemental Evil 
No talk of new class right now...
No talk of level cap increase to 30 
Last Edited:  15 November 2014


Sosrey, Oct 8, 10 12:58 PM.
Welcome to the Forgotten League Web site!  Special thanks to WeatherDave (aka Siltoneus) for setting this all up.

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